This page is why I do what I do. Even as I began to work on it and reach out for people to share their personal stories with me, I heard Jesus speak directly to me saying, “This is my favorite page.” The testimony is His favorite part. He loves changing lives! And the beauty in that is how good He is at doing just that. I’m wrecked by His love; forever changed.

Understand also that these are real stories from real people. We’re not in the habit of white-washing the stories we’ve lived through. The truth is, Jesus came for the sick, the hurting, the addict, the adulterer, the weak, the abused. He came for the unfiltered life, to pour His salvation and redemption over it. He stepped right into our pain, our sin, and our unloved and unloving hearts and showed who He is. That is what these stories will contain. Only a few will be posted here – there will be continued stories posted in the Blog section.


This first story is from a young woman named Brittany. I’ll first have to give a little back story to set the scene so you’ll have a little context. In January 2015, our church had it’s annual women’s retreat. Before the retreat, I really felt impressed to make two flags to bring for giveaways. I had no idea who the flags were going to be for. Each flag was very intentional and had a very specific prophetic word over it. I was instructed at the retreat to pray and let the Holy Spirit tell me who to give each flag to. One of the flags was called Through the Fire and the Holy Spirit directed me to give it to a young woman I had never met and knew nothing about. To honor the privacy Brittany’s privacy, I’m not going to share the word over the flag, but she has shared a bit of a testimony with me and permitted me to post it here.


I come from a background of severe drug addiction that started at the age of 12. I ended up a needle junkie shooting meth by age 20. I lost everything including custody of my oldest child, Sierra. By age 21 I was indicted by state grand jury on major drug charges which was followed by a year in a maximum security prison. Through this, I found my relationship with Jesus. He helped me through prison and has been my rock ever since I got out. The journey has not been easy and I’ve probably gone backward more than forward these past four years. But through it all, the stumbles and the relapses, I’ve continued to press on and not let go of Him. I’ve had to endure a lot of affliction to gain growth in Him. The past eight months have truly been hard – definitely a season I felt I couldn’t bear much more. I’ve been praying for breakthrough for three years and at the [women’s] retreat when you gave me that flag and the word that came with it, I was so overwhelmed by His love for me that it completely wrecked me and my life will never be the same.

As I sit here now and look back over the word you gave me from the Lord, I’m in awe!!! I never would’ve thought He would speak to me in such a mighty way at the retreat. When you told me you had something for me, I broke into tears because I was like wow this is too awesome to be true. When you read it to me, I knew it was Father speaking directly to me. You have no idea how much I needed that word at that very moment. Every single word spoke straight to my heart and radically changed me. Thank you for being so intentional on listening to the Holy Spirit speaking to you. I have read these words over and over again and I feel the Father’s love like never before.

Just knowing He was with me through it all and for Him to tell me that the season of change is here gave me that breakthrough I’ve prayed for all these years. Every day I see His word come to life and I’m so overwhelmed.


Flags for me have been a source of freedom in worship. I had Hanna make me two flags and their meanings were very powerful to me. The prophetic titles, colors, and meanings spoke directly to the heart! So, when I wave my flags, I am declaring revelation, joy, and purity with one of them or I am declaring shalom over my home or no condemnation in my parenting because that flag is called a A Mother’s Heart. And it just so happens that the enemy likes to discourage me in my parenting the most. When I wave the Mothers Heart flag, something spiritual is released and the Lord truly brings healing. It’s been a year since the Lord has brought me into worship with dance and flags and I can honestly say I’ve never worshiped the Lord more or felt closer to the Lord in all my life than what I do now. There is something about waving a flag/banner over yourself, over someone else, or just in the atmosphere that creates a place for the Holy Spirit to come. And that is exactly what He has done for me!