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Heart Wont Stop

I love all of the various ways God speaks to us. Some ways being unctions, obvious revelation, or through our dreams. I read once, Dreams are the perfect way to hear from God. When you are dreaming, you are quiet, so you can’t ignore Him. Well, a dream is the way the Lord chose to show me a beautiful pair of flags He wanted me to make.

It was completely simple and short. I was floating between the sleeping and the waking worlds. That’s when I saw them. They were a pair of black and green flags and they were absolutely stunning. The green was so vibrant in them, it appeared to be glowing. When I woke up, I immediately knew I was supposed to make the flags, so I began running through the list of methods I could use. I sent texts to a few close friends about them and how excited I was to make them.

I began that day. Without praying and asking the Lord what method to use (because there are several different ones I use), I just dove right in. I chose a long process that involved painting, chemical reaction, air drying, and steaming. It took me two days. The effects on the flags were amazing while they were drying, with greens and blacks and streaks of uncolored silk. They didn’t really look like the flags in my dream, but still they were still cool. I took them off the frame and steamed each piece, one at a time. When the first one came out of the steamer, I looked at it with complete disappointment. It was ugly. I’ve never made a flag before that I would call ugly, but this one fit the bill. How had I gone wrong? Where was the green?? Then when the other one came out exactly the same way, I figured maybe I was nuts. Could I really make something as beautiful as what I’d seen in my dream?

I went about my week completing other flag orders but the green flags were still in the back of my mind and embedded deep within my heart. I really wanted to make those flags. So, I decided I’d begin again. This time, I prayed first. As I went to cut new fabric, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me, “No. You use the original silk. I’ll help you fix it.” And, when I hear that clearly, I’m never one to argue, so I picked up the ugly, broken silks and washed them. As I was washing them, I realized that the way to make the flags from my dream was going to be a much simpler, much quicker process than I used the first time. In fact, it only took me a total of about 15 minutes to dye the silk! And it was so perfect. They were identical to what I saw in the dream. Identical. The green in the center of the flag was so vivid, it really appeared to glow. And you could still see green beneath the black.

When my friend Donna got off work that day, she called me so I could tell her about them. As I was telling her everything, the picture came into view. There were a couple of different things the Lord was showing me through this story.

When the Lord comes to us, we are broken. We do not look the way He created us to be, the way He dreamed us to be. But He doesn’t just throw us out with the trash. No, He takes the original piece because of how valuable we are. And He washes us and breathes life into us and makes us beautiful. Our spirits begin to glow as we grow with Him.

Also, when it’s time to do something – to complete a job, to speak words – we can really mess things up when we try to do it in our own strength, in our own way. But if we’ll just listen to Him and take instruction from Him, there is usually a much simpler solution. However, even when we do mess it up, He’ll help us fix it.

The green in these flags represents newness, life, hope, and restoration. The black represents dying to yourself and being in the shadow of His protection. That is where our life and our hope is found – when we learn to die to ourselves and abide with Him. Then we will shine and be radiant. There is always life in Him, even through darkness.

Below is a video from the day these flags were shared. The song is called Heart Won’t Stop, written by John Mark McMillan and performed by the Bridgeway Church worship team.


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