Flag Styles

IMG_5714half aerial blue green

standard flag

Poi at Furman



Aerials are approximately the shape of a half (semi-) circle and are made of 5 momme weight China silk (very lightweight and sheer). To an inexperienced user, they may be a little more difficult to use as they have a long “tail” on the bottom half of them. However, with just a little time and practice, they are a beautiful addition to any collection.

Aerials come in two sizes: Junior and Large


Half Aerials

Half Aerials are just what their name claims – half of an Aerial. They are approximately shaped like a quarter of a circle. When in motion, they are the flag style that most resembles a butterfly wing. Being that they are shorter, it takes less effort to keep them moving than the full Aerials. These are actually the favorite flag to use because they’re easy to manage and they do not take up nearly as much space as the Aerials.

Half Aerials also come in Junior and Large sizes.



Standards are a more common style of flag and they come in many sizes, so if you prefer a large flag, it’s available. Or if you want a very small flag for your little one, these ones even come in 8 mm silk to handle the wear and tear that our younger friends often put their flag through. And everything in between the extra small to the extra large is available for you to order! Our standard flag, however, still has the flexible willow rod in them. Feel free to order these in singles OR pairs.


Poi is a Maori word meaning ball. Traditionally, poi is a performance art involving swinging a weight on the end of a rope. You may have seen fire poi before where the artist spins a ball of fire at the end of a chain. Usually, poi is used in pairs. Pictured above, you will see just that – a pair of poi with veils attached to weights at the end of a chain. Like all of our flags, the veils are also hand-dyed and come in the lighter silk (5 mm) or the heavier silk (8 mm) based on your request.

Streamers, Scarves, and Veils

Streamers come in two different styles: Streamers and Veils. A traditional streamer is typically 7 – 8 inches wide and 9 feet long and comes in 8 momme weight. (different lengths can be requested) Veils come in various sizes. The light blue veil pictured to the left is 18 x 110 inches. However, if there is a particular size you would like, feel free to request it!
Scarves are also available for purchase. Just as the other silks, these are hand dyed. They have a hand rolled, hand stitched hem all the way around. Scarves come in 60″ and 72″ length and come in either 5 or 8 momme weight. If you would like a shorter scarf for a child, please let me know and I’ll make it happen! Veils come in either 8 momme or 5 momme weight and are either 35 x  84 or 35 x 108. I can also do a full semi-circle style veil at 35 x 104.