Creative Worship

Worship is defined as reverent honor and homage paid to God or a sacred personage, or to any object regarded as sacred. It is how we respond, speak, and act in response to our heart toward God. Each person will reflect their heart differently. Creative worship can be anything from painting, dancing, writing poetry, or anything else where you release your God-given creative potential. I know some people who even burst into song in response to a lyric the Spirit has planted in their heart! Exodus 25 tells us about the rainbow of fabrics that were acceptable in worship, as well as incense, and spices for anointing oil. If those things were acceptable thousands of years ago, who says they are not acceptable now!

There is a new move of creativity being released throughout the Church at large, and it is so exciting to be a part of it! Again, this looks differently based on where you are and the culture of the individual church. Sometimes, the move is lightning quick and other times it has to be slowly introduced and gently cultivated. If this is happening in your church, I am so excited for you as you move forward!


Worship is more than just 2 fast songs and a slow song on Sunday in church services. Worship is the posture of our heart toward God. Personally, when I worship, I may sing and flow based out of scripture God places in my spirit, or I may sing my prayers to God. Other times, I will dance. But song and writing are the two avenues I express who God is to me. My heart feels full and like its being poured out at the same time when I’m worshiping. How that is possible, I do not know, but it is. Worship is ANYTHING we do to the glory of God to express his glory in the earth. That can be the arts (song, dance, drama, poetry, etc), how / what we speak to others, doing a good job at work, laughing and finding humor in life, etc… God is not in a box. Neither is creative worship.

– Vita


What is worship if it isn’t creative? If God made us in His image and He fills us with His spirit, why are we not as capable as creating something as beautiful as He does… Worship cannot be put in a box. Worship is not just singing or lifting your hands as the world would have us believe. Creative worship is full of God and the freedom He wants us to experience in Him.

– Becky


Creativity (n.): the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. (emphasis mine)

We were made to be creative and to crave creativity. The unfortunate reality in our culture is that creativity has been put in a box. Perhaps the key component of creativity is the fact that it is an expression of the one who makes it. The creative work of a person, if they are truly created from within themselves, unhindered by fear, will resemble the maker just as a baby resembles his parents. It will reveal their hearts, their passions, their interests, their views, and their story. For me, I love creating because it is the window through which I jump out of the little house that is my heart and mind and show what’s going on inside. As I’ve grown more secure, aware, and proud of who I am, I’ve learned that sometimes what comes out of that window won’t always be pretty, but it will always be excellent in that it will be an accurate expression of what’s going on inside.

– Graham